i finished watching Fall In Love With Me a few days ago!!

i should say that watching this drama was a pain in the ass especially Lance and the mother during the second half of the drama bUTT it was worth watching it all because the ending is just so cute ^^



真愛趁現在 Love, Now, a 2012 Taiwanese drama starring Annie Chen 陳庭妮 and George Hu 胡宇崴

Such a cute drama!! GAHH, I’m looking forward to Mondays-Thursdays now. 80 episodesss. :) I’m shipping Annie with George now. HEHE. Though I can’t decide if Annie x Godfrey is cuter, Annie x Chris Wang, or Annie x George. LOL. George Hu is so cuteeeeeeee! He’s ABC so his English is super good. ^___^

Speaking of Chris Wang, he’s not that attractive anymore. I’ve seen sneak peeks of his new drama with Tiffany Wang, and eh. He’s bleh.

DAYUM THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME! I love it anyways. :P 

i recommend everyone who sees this post to watch this drama :)

Looking for members to run this blog

Please message me here or preferably on my twitter account here if you’re interested.

All you need to do is post updates on new Taiwanese dramas or anything really (you may reblog GIFs, images or photoshoots) just anything related to Taiwanese dramas.

thank you :)

Anonymous asked:
What do you think of the ending of Half a Fairytale? I want Ting Yu and Yu Feng to be together!!!

i haven’t finished the drama yet >< viki is still subbing it. sorry

Anonymous asked:
is it hard to make money for a living in taiwan? to go there as an eng teacher for ex i think its ok, but if you just want to live there?

i have no idea. sorry for the late reply

anyone interested to be the admin of this blog and keep this blog running?

i will be leaving this blog. and the rest is up to you how you manage it. feel free to change anything!

please message me ASAP! thank you :)

if no one replies i will just leave this blog and leave it up to the members

Anonymous asked:
I was going through your drama list and I don't recall seeing Inborn Pair ^^ If you have time and is willing to sit through 84 episodes, do watch it as it might seem long but it's really good and worth the while! If you want an indicator, I'll tell you I liked it as much as Autumn's Concerto :D

ohh haha ye i haven;t been updating my drama list for a while now. but thank :D i’ve heard of that drama and many people are saying it’s good! when i have time i’ll watch it :)

asiansadism asked:
Hi this is a new Asian drama blog dedicated to the suffering of male characters. Weird I know but some have a thing for that kinda stuff ;) Can you please promote this blog? Thanks!

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thank you ♥

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