i finished watching Fall In Love With Me a few days ago!!

i should say that watching this drama was a pain in the ass especially Lance and the mother during the second half of the drama bUTT it was worth watching it all because the ending is just so cute ^^

fangirl moment #22

Finally finished 新還珠格格!

i was crying lol, overall it was a pretty good ending.. was expecting more to it and explanations…

POOR BENJI!!!! omggggg T.T

watching the whole 98 episodes was worth it, i enjoyed the drama

fangirl moment #21

I’m such a drama addict. Watched from Ep 39 to 52 the whole day today! 46 mins each :P
新還珠格格 is really good! I’m soo addicted to it, researched on the guys names haha! They actually are good looking with their proper hair! Not the hairstyle in that drama xD followed them on weibo muahahah! && Benjamin! Omggg his Chinese is soo gooddd!!

I recommend you guys to watch it! Even though I’m not finished yet, I still recommend it! pretty sure it will be a good ending. 98 episodes altogether. :) (1-3 seasons.. That’s why there’s many episodes)

fangirl moment #20

watching ‘Extravagant Challenge’ kinda reminds me of myself, liking and idol that obsessed hahaha :P

but she is lucky that ‘HE’ is her childhood friend.. T.T

fangirl moment #19


lol, i don’t think i need to explain further :P

fangirl moment #18

Been seeing quite a few gifs from Drunken To Love You. Things pop ups on my mind lol. 

it’s quite awkward to see those gifs coz at the same time i’m replacing Joseph with ‘Xiao Gui’ i mean, how awkward will it be for them if Xiao Gui was the main lead..?

LOL this is just total randomness.. but let’s say, if Show was the main male lead it would be more awkward for me :P but i will still love the drama.

i somehow wished that Xiao Gui was the main male lead :3

fangirl moment #17

just finished watching Down With Love..

I know i’m kinda late to watch this but i loved it overall! was actually expecting to see the wedding scene but oh wells.

Hmm.. who did Yang Duo end up with though? :O /curious Ke Zhong or Zhi Hao??

when it was the little kids birthday i actually thought that it was Xiao Xiao Bin when he grew up.. never thought that it was their son.

going to finish material queen and watch in time with you

fangirl moment #16

just finished Sunshine Angel. many people didn’t like it, BUT i DO! <3

everything was left explained and don’t have any comments on how they can make it better lol (maybe for the skipping things, like 2 years time etc etc). i love how this drama is about friendship, brotherhood and also forgiveness. there is a moral to this drama and also teaches people. i don’t hate geng fei and angela anymore lolol

one of the dramas i really recommend people to watch, the last episode i cried, it was soo touching 

side note; aaron is sooo damn cute <3 omgggg drools *U*

now i’m going to watch material queen, and btw i am sorry for not posting each episode links on tumblr anymore. i just can’t be bothered.

fangirl moment #15

stupid lin chu man :/ why are you soo annoying for!? urg, stop the lies bro.

that old man is very nice :( can’t wait for ep 17 next week, sooo sad T.T

fangirl moment #14

ella is just sooo damn adorable ajfgsdhjgalfjg <3 she’s soooo cuteee

i love down with love, lol i know i am late to watch this but i was watching other dramas hehe 

can’t believe i said this, but jerry yans smile is cute :3

fangirl moment #13

down with love is sooo good! i will watch episode 2 later. too awesome. might as well try and finish the whole drama tomorrow :)

fangirl moment #12

in time with you is soo good. i can’t wait to see what happens next.

i am very annoyed with that girl (who likes da ren) we get the point that she likes him and everything but still O.o she disgust me.

other than that i’m starting to like you qing and nic together.

fangirl moment #11

omg omg was just watching In Time With You, they meantioned show luos name in it hahjksdhfgsdhfgSHKFGSJ fangirling mode!~~ lol haha but still :)) ariel said ‘像不像羅志祥’ asdfghjkl

omg the first episode is soo funny lol. i think i will love this drama <3

fangirl moment #10

material queen is soo good! i recommend all of you to watch it. the beginning was boring but now is soo awesome! i’m getting addicted to it.

danson tang is also in it. at episode 14. and i love how peter is soo nice to chu man. even though i find her annoying now haha


OMO i really love hana kimi damn much! I love the chemistry between Chun and Ella. I found Chun cute when he doesn’t know how to face Ella after he realizes Ella is actually a girl. Dong is funny too when he keeps thinking he’s a gay. I laughed really hard at that part. xD Chun and Dong are super adorable here! <3 It’s kinda funny that the school restaurant plays Fahrenheit’s song. :P